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Each program is composed of 3 or more courses. To complete a program and earn its certificate, enroll in the program courses one at a time (You will also earn a CE certificate for each course you complete). On completion of all the courses within a program, you may submit the course certificates with a $25 fee to obtain the Program Certificate.


Foundations of Western Herbalism Certificate  

156 hours


Skill set: In this sequence, you will learn the tools, terms, concepts and methods of practice to effectively use a group of 150 herbs to aid more than 40 common conditions.Much of herbal education today is like a ramshackle house, a first floor is built without a view of the entire building. …read more…

Advanced Western Herbalism Certificate

100 hours


Skill Set: An expanded knowledge of 150 herbs, and ways to combine them in unique individualized formulas for patients. …read more…

Western Clinical Herbalism Certificate I: The Roots of Chronic Disease

120 hours  

In these courses, we dive into the medical sciences of pathophysiology and nutrition to understand the roots of the four foundations of modern chronic disease: toxicity, inflammation, chronic fatigue, and insulin resistance. …read more…