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Testimonials – New To Herbalism

This course has been incredibly beneficial to how I think about herbalism, my confidence in this pursuit, and to a more well-rounded and solid idea of the Vitalist approach to healing. When I began the course I was moving through it primarily to explore the thought process of taking on a role as a healer to others. Now I find myself equally considering how I can continue to be a healer to myself, and this is invaluable. The formulation section of this course was probably the most transformative for me, and it was very helpful to be able to “read” the consideration process as it relates to formulating for different complaints and body compositions.
author-img - Krystal Thompson
Tennessee. After First Course in Medical Herbalism.


This course has opened up my sense of what is possible with herbal medicine when using the Vitalist approach. I went into this course knowing the power of herbs on the body, what I have taken from the course is a greater sense of the herbs discussed and their many beneficial uses. Additionally, I have gained a system for learning about medicinal plants I am unfamiliar with. This course has also helped me weave together a new approach to my own state of health that is more focused on balance and less on an un-realistic state of health. I am grateful to be able to take away so much from this course.
author-img - Elise Dressler
Colorado. After First Course in Medical Herbalism.