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A Program for Practicing Herbalists


This program offers group mentoring with collaborative review of cases submitted by participants. The audio materials accompanying the program are selected to directly inform your clinical practice, and enhance your interview skills, pattern recognition, case assessment, therapeutics, formulation, personal growth, and the overall therapeutic relationship with your patients. Our clinical faculty collectively has more than 50 teacher-years mentoring clinical students via case review since 1996. 


Paul Bergner, Medical Herbalist, clinical nutritionist

Tania Neubauer ND, Clinical Herbalist

Mary Barnes, Registered Herbalist (AHG), Certified Nutritionist

Kat Mackinnon, Registered Herbalist (AHG), Clinical Nutritionist


The classroom portion of the program is structured on the “flipped classroom” model. Rather than attending a lecture via classroom or zoom, and then doing homework or projects, we will listen to pre-recorded lectures on our own time, and then come together weekly live for questions, review, applications, cases, and practice together in the virtual classroom. During September, the audio courses will set the ground for our case review round table procedures, and we will establish the case reporting format, and policies of safety, legality, confidentiality, and the importance of personal trust. We will begin reviewing participant cases and selected teaching cases from our clinic in October. Time commitment is 12-18 hours a month for audio in the Fall, with 2-3 hours a week reading cases plus attendance at the round tables.

Round Table discussions will be held on Tuesday evenings, 5-7:30 PM Pacific time Starting September 15th and ending April 27. 

About This Program


Hours:      168 

Term:        33 weeks

Materials: $450 

Tuition:    $1920 ($240 a month September through April

Application fee: $50 

Scholarships: Include on your application form if you work with the under served in a free or sliding-scale clinic or practice.


To complete this program and earn its certificate, first apply and be accepted into the program. Once accepted you may enroll and purchase the course materials. The audio materials for enrolled students are discounted by 40% from the regular price.



Participants who complete all the audio coursework, and attend 90% of the round table hours will receive a certificate for 143 hours in Clinical Mentoring from the NAIMH. Participants who do not meet attendance requirements will receive documentation of the actual clinical mentoring hours completed.  


  • Complete the Application Form

  • Submit and make payment of $50 application fee. 

  • Complete an application interview. Arrangements will be made when we receive your application.

  • Requests may be made for financial assistance. Consideration will be given especially for those working with the underserved.  

ENROLLMENT and Tuition

  • Once accepted, the participant will fill our an Enrollment Contract

  • A payment of $450 for materials, and $240 for the first month tuition is due. 

  • After the initial payment, tuition payments are due on the 15th of each month from October through April.


Online Round Table Case Review with Virtual Classes  65 hours




Clinical Track

Interview Skills in the Vitalist Tradition   1.5 hours

Getting the Story Right   1.5 hours

Art of the Follow Up   1.5 hours

Case analysis in Vitalist Herbalism    2 hours

Case Analysis in Chronic Disease   1.5 hours

Vitalist pattern assessment   8 hours

Case studies in Vitalist Herbalism   2 hours

Materia Medica Track

Herbal Pairing and Modular Formulation   8 hours

Materia Medica Differentials   12 hours

Therapeutics Track

Systemic Inflammation, Food Intolerance/Autoimmunity   12 hours

Fatigue and Adaptogens   15 hours

Insulin Resistance   3 hours

Obesity: Ethics, Harms, and Metabolism   6 hours

Working with the Heavy Cannabis User   4 hours


Materials for the audio portion of the program

Course Modules include all audio and supplemental print materials

Materials are discounted 40% from regular retail prices. 


Clinical skills: Interview and case analysis 18 hours

Herbal Pairing and Modular Formulation 8 hours

Materia Medica Differentials   12 hours

Systemic Inflammation, Food Intolerance, Autiommunity   12 hours

Fatigue: Pathophysiology, Therapeutics, and Adaptogens   15 hours

Introduction to Insulin Resistance 3 hours

Obesity: Ethics and Harms in Weight Loss 6 hours

Cannabis: Working with the Heavy Daily User   4 hours

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