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  • Learn advanced practical clinical concepts of herbal actions

  • Learn further how to identify an apply concepts of herbal energetics, temperatures, and humidity in the study of materia medica

  • Learn how to apply topical herbs for internal gastrointestinal conditions

  • Learn advanced information on materia medica for the nervous, respiratory, digestive, liver, and reproductive systems


Three veteran medical herbalists, with a combined clinical experience of more than 75 years, were given the task to “start talking about the herbs where everyone else stops” over four days of an advanced seminar. You will learn special uses of herbs, new categories, humoral and energetic considerations, differentials between similar herbs, and other practical experience-based information.



With this course you receive 16 audio disks, 36 pages of notes and readings, more than 780 pages of article reprints from the Medical Herbalism Journal, the Chinese Herbal Materia Medica by Paul Bergner, a full PDF copy of the principles and materia medica sections of William Cook’s classic Physiomedical Dispensatory, and a PDF copy of Diseases of Women and Children by Physiomedicalist master Sarah Webb, MD. Students enrolled in our courses are also eligible for a 10% discount on purchases at Mountain Rose Herbs.


Enrollment for Credit

To enroll in the course, receive the right to faculty contact, and to earn the certificate, follow these steps:


  1. Purchase the CD-set in the CD-ROM Section of our Online Store

  2. When you receive it, open the data disk file, and print out the application and enrollment form. Send these in with a $25 application fee and $120 tuition.

  3. You will be assigned a faculty mentor. This entitles you to student support and faculty contact for eight weeks after the enrollment is received.

  4. Read the instructions for obtaining CE credit in the Syllabus with the notes.

  5. Listen to the CD-set, taking notes according the the CD instructions.

  6. Complete the CE questions at the end of the notes.

  7. You will receive a certificate reflecting 32 hours of CE credit



The three presenters for this program -- Matthew Becker, Paul Bergner, and Linda Whitedove LAc -- have more than 75 years of combined experience in the practice of herbalism and natural medicine. Each is a thoroughly experienced teacher both in the classroom and in the clinic, and each has training in both Western herbalism and Chinese medicine. You can see the faculty bios here

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About This Course
Hours:      32
Term:        8 weeks
Materials $179 
See School Store for discounts

Tuition:    $145 (optional)
Enrollment fee: $25 (optional)
This course may be taken stand-alone, or as one of three courses in the Advanced Western Herbalism Certificate

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