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Whether you are a student new to herbalism, an experienced herbalist looking to add skills sets to your practice, or a professional herbalist looking to advance your skills with continuing education, we have courses, programs, and seminars that will help you meet your goals. 

Nutrition in the Herbal Paradigm

For the herbalist, who thinks in terms of clinical actions, we offer a complete review of macro- and micro-nutrients in that format. If magnesium were an herb, it would be antispasmodic, alterative, antidepressant, detoxifying, and adaptogenic. See a full nutritional protocol for the average modern patient.  

We now offer more than 80 Audio hours of new courses. Click below to see a list.   

Advanced Clinical Skills

192 credit hours: with Interview Skills, Case Intake and analysis, Case Studies, Materia Medica Analogues and Differentials, Modular Formulation, Clinical Nutrition in the Herbal Paradigm, Obesity Metabolism and Weight Loss

Coronavirus resources

We offer a page of free resources 

Featured New Class
Working with the Heavy Cannabis User

Based on a review of 40 case histories and a review of current science we cover the major approved medical uses of Cannabis, including dosing strategies, side effects, tolerance, dependence, withdrawal symptoms, and support for withdrawal with natural therapeutics.  

Sustaining the Vitalist Tradition of Medical Herbalism


Materials for our audio-format courses may be purchased for self-study. With enrollment and tuition students receive faculty support and a Continuing Education certificate. 


Students may combine individual courses in sequence to earn a Certification at different levels of herbalism, including Foundations, Advanced, and Clinical.


A Diploma in Medical Herbalism, delivered globally via online learning is offered by  our affiliated school in New Zealand, the Southern Institute of Medical Herbalism


On-site classroom and clinical training, including a residency in a teaching clinic, from our affiliated school, the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism in Boulder, CO.

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