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Nutrition and Metabolism II

Introduction to Insulin Resistance 


Insulin resistance is the root pathology not only of Type II diabetes, but also contributes to heart disease, stroke, obesity, hypertension, several common cancers, and other conditions ranging from polycystic ovarian disease to acne to brittle bones and depression. It is a pathology fundamental to the “diseases of civilization.” In North America it is severe in a third of the population, and present to some extent in two-thirds of the population by age sixty. Although cell level pathology is complex, the roots of this condition are based in malnutrition in the basic nutrients that regulate insulin; in untrained muscle mass; and in imbalances in the carbohydrate content of the diet. Correcting these three roots of insulin resistance, along with herbal allies to help restore balance, can cause some chronic diseases to resolve in a matter of weeks to months. In this course you will learn the pathophysiology of insulin resistance, see the side variety of conditions which have insulin resistance at their root, learn the influence of diet, exercise, nutrition and herbs on the condition, and receive the basic protocols to restore normal function. You will gain understanding and competence in the clinical application of protocols based on the material learned.



With this course you receive 6 hours of audio files for the lessons, more than 70 slides to accompany the lectures, supplementary notes, readings, and full-text research articles.  The course comes with a study guide and Continuing Education questions. Students enrolled in our courses are also eligible for a 10% discount on purchases at Mountain Rose Herbs.




Lesson 1. Introduction to Therapeutics

Lesson 2. Case Studies

Lesson 3. Insulin Resistance

Lesson 4. Causes of Insulin Resistance

Lesson 5. Conditions of Insulin Resistance 

Lesson 6. Assessment of Insulin Resistance

Lesson 7. Nutrients and Insulin Resistance

Lesson 8. Ketogenic Diet

Lesson 9. Herbal Medicines and Insulin Resistance

Further down on this page you can find Faculty Biographies.


Enrollment for Credit 


To enroll in the course, receive a faculty mentor, and to earn the Continuing Education certificate, follow these steps:

  1. Purchase the course materials in our online store. The materials may be purchased for self-study without further enrollment in the course or tuition. 

  2. When you receive materials, print out the application form or scan it to email. Send it in with the $90 tuition, or make the payment at the school store. 

  3. This entitles you to assignment of a faculty mentor for 4 weeks after we notify you that your enrollment is accepted. You may also request and extension. 

  4. Read the instructions for obtaining CE credit in the read-me-first file with the notes.

  5. Look over the CE questions and review them before listening to the audio. 

  6. Complete any assignments or readings and answer the CE questions for each lesson.

  7. You will receive a certificate reflecting 18 hours of CE credit.


The recorded lectures were delivered by NAIMH Director Paul Bergner in a classroom setting, edited and supplemented with studio portions. If you enroll, you will also be assigned a faculty mentor. All our faculty are fully qualified clinical nutritionists as well as medical herbalists. Click here to see Faculty biographies. 

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About This Course
    18 CEU

Term:      4 weeks
Materials:     $79
Tuition:    $90 (optional)

This course may be taken stand-alone, or as a  course in the Advanced Clinical Skills Certificate

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