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COVID-19 Coronavirus Resources

At this time, very few outside of China has any direct experience treating COVID-19 infection with herbs. To all appearances, and consistent with efforts in Wuhan, China, this infection may be treated with the same approach used for influenza and other respiratory infections. In addition, a substantial number of patients, about 20% according to the World Health Organization, will require hospital care, with potential severity in high risk individuals, those over 60 years old, or with preexisting heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, cancer, or lung disease. Young people may also progress to severe disease and die. If caring for yourself or others with herbs, you should be familiar with warning signs of severe disease, and seek life-supporting conventional care when called for.  

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Best current medical information on COVID-19 

This is a constantly updated online textbook for Critical Care Doctors, about all aspects of infection, prognosis, testing, research, clinical trials, and so on. Most reliable medical information.

Clinical Skills

Power Point Presentation: Acute Viral Respiratory Infection: Prevention and Natural Therapeutics

Presentation slides for professional conference. Updated 4/11/20 to include latest information and experiences with professional treatment of covid-19 infection. 

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Home Garlic Preparations

How to make and use more than 30 garlic preparations

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