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  • Learn the most important kinds of toxicity

  • Learn which forms are most common, and which are unusual.

  • Learn the role of nutrition is supporting the functions of detoxification.

  • Learn the category of blood purifying herbs, how to match them to patients, and how to prevent side effects.

  • Learn the physiology and pathophysiology of the liver.

  • Learn the category of herbs for the liver and how to differentiate between them.

  • Practice the art of formulation for detoxification through case-based learning


In this course you will learn the basic concepts of detoxification in both traditional and contemporary medicine, and the use of traditional alteratives or blood purifiers. Included are the pathophysiology, signs, and symptoms of low grade or serious liver disease. You will learn the uses of 40 herbs for blood purification, detoxification, or liver conditions, with methods for formulation.



With this course you receive 11 audio disks, more than 40 pages of notes and 75 pages of supplemental readings. Students enrolled in our courses are also eligible for a 10% discount on purchases at Mountain Rose Herbs.



Each lesson includes an average or 3 hours of lecture and readings.


Lesson 1. Traditional Concepts of Detoxification

Lesson 2. Toxins and the pathophysiology of Detoxification

Lesson 3. Alterative herbs and strategies

Lesson 4. Food Intolerance and Toxicity

Lesson 5. The Pathophysiology of the Liver

Lesson 6. The Liver Materia Medica

Lesson 6. Detoxification Strategies

Lesson 7. Practice cases and formulation

Enrollment for Credit

To enroll in the course, receive faculty support, and to earn the Continuing Education certificate, follow these steps:

  1. Purchase the Audio course at our Online Store  The materials may be purchased without further enrollment in the course or any tuition payment..

  2. When you receive it, open the data disk file, and print out the application form. Send it in with a $25 application fee and tuition of $120.

  3. You will then be assigned a faculty mentor. This entitles you to student support and faculty contact for eight weeks after the enrollment is received. Students falling behind may request an extension.

  4. Read the instructions for obtaining CE credit in the read-me-first file with the notes.

  5. Look over the CE questions and review them before listening to the disks.

  6. Complete any assignments or readings and answer the CE questions for each disk.

  7. You will then receive a certificate reflecting 24 hours of CE credit.



This material was delivered by Paul Bergner at the North American Institute of Medical Herbalism in Boulder, CO in 2008. You can see more about Paul at faculty bios.


About This Course
Hours:       24
Term:          8 weeks
Materials $99
Tuition:    $145 (optional)
Enrollment fee: $25 (optional)
This course may be taken stand-alone, or as one of the four courses in the  Western Clinical Herbalism Certificate

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