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Diploma in Medical Herbalism

Our affiliated internet-based school Southern Institute of Medical Herbalism offers professional training in a Diploma in Herbal Medicine. The SIMH, based in Christchurch, New Zealand, like the NAIMH, is grounded firmly in the Vitalist tradition of healing. It was founded in 2017 as a collaborative, long-term project between Paul Bergner of the NAIMH, and Richard Whelan from New Zealand, two highly experienced practitioners with more than 70 years of clinical practice between them. The SIMH offers both a comprehensive Certificate in Herbal Medicine for the student who wants to learn how to use herbal medicines safely and effectively as well as an advanced Diploma of Medical Herbalism for the student who has a calling to become a professional herbalist. SIMH incorporates the complete sequence of audio courses of the NAIMH into its curriculum, both in its Certificate and Diploma programs, and supplements these substantially with extensive video training, and an expanded herbal and other course curriculum.  The SIMH programs are internet-based and can be taken anywhere in the world with internet access. Among our enrollees is a student at an Arctic research station near the North Pole. Note: The course fees on the website are in New Zealand dollars and that you are invited to make contact with our student liaison by either phone or email for more information or to discuss enrolment.

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