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The purpose of Medical Herbalism is to strengthen the herbal practitioner, to preserve and develop the science and art of herbal medicine, and to promote communication and sharing of clinical methods and experiences.

Editorial Policies

  • Information will be presented at the level of continuing medical education.

  • The language and style will be clear to the lay practitioner.

  • Practical information from all schools of medicine and herbalism will be honored.

  • The focus will be on art and practice rather than on theory or academic knowledge.

  • Information from the model of reductionist medicine will be included, but not to the exclusion of information from other health paradigms.

  • We will pose questions that don't necesssarily have one answer, and present clinical cases which may be unique.



  • In-depth articles on botanical therapeutics.

  • Case studies, with commentaries by clinical experts

  • Clinical Tips: Indications, contraindications, side effects, incompatibilities, toxicity, drug-herb interactions, dosages

  • Clinical Questions: topics of special interest to the herbalist, in a pro and con format.

  • Reviews of Eclectic medical practice, Traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, Unani Tibb, and other traditional medical systems

  • International Literature Review: Brief summaries and commentaries on articles of clinical interest in the scientific literature, as well as those below.

  • Book, Tape, and Software Reviews

  • Educational Resources

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