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Upcoming Events

Traditional Roots Herbal Conference

  • Paul Bergner

  • Portland, OR. May 17-19

  • "Clinical Nutrition in the herbal Paraadigm"

  • "Materia Medica Differentials for the Bitter Herbs"

Rainforest Retreat (save the date, details coming soon)

  • Paul Bergner, Tania Neubauer, Heather Luna

  • Camp Creek CG, Mt Hood National Forest

  • July 7-12, 2019

  • Plant walks, nature observation, and vitalist rejuvenation

Botanicals, Microbiome, Biofilms, and Chronic Infections Seminar. 

  • Paul Bergner

  • Boulder, CO. October 26-27

  • 10 AM to 4PM

Advanced Comparative Materia Medica Seminar

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